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China's huge demand for molds and broad prospects for trade
Chu Guoguo people will have an experience that foreign products relatively attractive, particularly Japan, Germany products, large machinery, small stationery, a full-fledged gives the impression that seems to be an exquisite pieces of work Handicrafts, and this is the mold credit. If we are to become the world's manufacturing power, has not advanced tooling industry is not acceptable. In this regard, we still have a long way to go, there are many things to learn. The first one to die is to the development of the industry, not only have advanced technology, more attention to the commercialization of industry die, mould industry from the business come out and become a market competitiveness of emerging industries.

"The mother of all industries" has developed rapidly

Die, is the basis for industrial production technology and equipment, electronics, automotive, electrical, electronics, instruments, home appliances and telecommunications products, 60 to 80 percent of the parts have to rely on forming die, die determines the quality of the product quality High or low, so mold has been described as "the mother of all industries." Die is "effective amplifier", and mold the final product value, is often die of their own value several times, 100 times on.

Die production technology level and the level of scientific and technological content, has become a measure of a country's scientific and technological level of manufacturing products and an important symbol that it determines to a large extent the quality, effectiveness, new product development capacity, decided to create a country Industry's international competitiveness.

Since reform and opening up, China's rapid industrial development die. 1996-2001, the industrial output value of China's mould, the average increase of 14 percent. At present, a total of mold production plant at 17,000, employing over 50 million people. In 2001 the total industrial output value amounted to die 30 billion yuan, has an annual output value of China's Die fourth in the world.

China's mold industry in recent years the level of technology has also made great progress. Large, sophisticated, complex, efficient and long-life die on a new level. Large complex die to die for the automotive panel representatives, has been able to produce some of the coverage of new cars Die. Reflects the high level of manufacturing technology into the multi-position mode of coverage, from the motors, electrical iron chip die, extended to connectors, electronic gun parts, household electrical appliances such as air conditioners heat sink parts die. In large plastic mold, has been capable of producing 48-inch television Molded Case Dies, 6.5 Kg large-capacity washing machine full of plastic mold, and car bumpers, on the whole dashboard, and so die. In precision plastic mold, the cameras have been capable of producing plastic mold, multi-gear cavity small plastic mold and die, and so on. In large sophisticated die-casting mould, the domestic production of the escalator has been able to pedal the whole vehicle after the die-casting mould and die-casting mould bridge gear box. Other types of mold, such as radial tire active mold, aluminum and plastic doors and windows Profile Extrusion Die, have reached a higher level and can replace imported molds.

Die largest importing country

China, however, both in the mold of industrial quality or quantity, with the industrialized countries there are significant gaps in industrial development can not meet the needs of the domestic market to meet the current rate of only about 70 percent.

Most of the enterprises in China die production for their own use, as the commodities, real die only 1 / 3. Produced by molds are basically oriented to Zhongdi Dang, some large, sophisticated, complex and long life of luxury die, and technically can not be compared to developed countries, production is far from meeting the needs of national economic development. The past five years, China's average annual imports of 814 million U.S. dollars Die, Die 2001 imports of 1.112 billion U.S. dollars (exports die only 188 million U.S. dollars), which does not include the imported equipment and production lines as an annex to the mold. According to customs statistics, imports and exports even in recent years, China has become the world's largest importing country die.
China's mold product structure is unreasonable. China's product mix die stamping die in about 50 percent, accounting for about 34 percent of plastic molds, die-casting molds or about 6 percent, other types die about 10 percent of developed countries generally attach importance to the development of plastic mould, plastic mould of Ratio generally in about 40 percent; large, sophisticated, long-life die for the proportion of more than 50 percent, while China's is only about 25 percent; mold production capacity of China's major focus in the mold of the Zhuji Chang branch (or workshop), Die produced by the commercialization rate is very low, since the mold production for sales ratio is as high as 60 to 70 percent, while foreign goods is more than 70 percent die; even professional Mould Factory, China is also the majority of "Da Erquan" "small and All ", while most foreign countries is" a small, "" small but excellent ", productivity and economic efficiency俱佳.

Die at home and abroad不可同日而语level of quality, capacity development and economic benefits there are still gaps. Developed countries to create an output value of the average workers die 150,000 -20 10,000 U.S. dollars, China's only 40,000 -5 10,000 yuan. Large foreign enterprises have certain profits, and enterprises in China are mostly die meager profit or even losses.

Huge demand for broad prospects

According to statistics, China's mainland in 2001 to mould the manufacturing industry about 40 billion yuan market demand for the next few years will still be above 10 per cent per annum growth rate. Large, sophisticated, complex, long-life die demand growth will far exceed the 10 percent annual increase.

Automobiles and motorcycle industry Die Die domestic demand will account for about half the market. It is estimated that by 2005 car output will reach 3.2 million, retention capacity will reach 30 million. This will require all kinds of plastic parts 360,000 tons, while the current production capacity of only about 20 million tons, a very broad space for development.

Household appliances, such as color televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc., in the domestic market is also great. At present, China's color TV production has more than 32 million Taiwan, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners are more than the annual output of 10 million. "15" during the home appliances market is expected to increase convergence in more than 10 percent, household appliances on the development of the industry will die in great demand.

The rapid development of other industries such as electronics, telecommunications and building materials industries to mold the demand, China will have mold the development of industry and technology have a tremendous role in promoting.

In addition, from the international market, the world die market is still in short supply. In recent years, the world die total market has remained at 60 billion -650 billion dollars between. The United States, Japan, France, Switzerland and other countries die each year about their national export total output value of the mold 1 / 3, the export volume of China's Die less than 5 percent of GDP, China's exports can die very broad space for development.

Die in accordance with domestic and international market development, the experts predicted that China's future after the mold industry structure adjustment, the top 10 will show a trend of development: First, the increasingly large die; Second, the mold will become more and more high-precision; 3 Die is multi-functional complex will be further developed; Four die in a hot runner in the plastic mold will gradually increase the proportion of Fifth mold and gas-assisted injection molding, and other high-voltage adaptation of the mold will have greater development of standardization and mold is 6 Die The application of standards will be increasingly widespread; seven rapid economic mold is very broad prospects for; eight die-casting mould is the ratio will continue to increase, while the die-casting mould of the complexity of life and will also put increasing demands; nine plastic Will continue to mold the proportion of the increase is 10 Die in technology will continue to increase in the proportion of high-grade mold will continue to increase, this product is the result of the restructuring mold the future trend of changes in the market.
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