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China's plastic mold growing large-scale development of the industry will become more and more high-precision
At present, China's increasingly large plastic mold industry, but also will become more and more high precision. 10 years ago, the accuracy of precision plastic mold is generally 5 μ m, now stands 2-3 μ m. Soon, 1 μ m accuracy of the mold will be listed. With the miniaturization of components and the improvement of accuracy, some die tolerance on the accuracy of processing requirements in the following 1 μ m, which requires the development of super-finishing.

Experts believe that China's plastic mold industry to further develop multi-functional complex mold, a mold-stamping In addition to forming parts, but also shoulder Dieya, tapping, riveting and assembly tasks, such as locking. This multi-function out of the mold is no longer bulk parts, but the bulk components, such as contact with the bearing components, all kinds of small motors, electrical and instrumentation of the core components. Multi-color and multi-material plastic Die will also have faster development. This mold shorten the production cycle of the product, the future in different areas will be the development and application.

With the increasingly hot runner technology popularization and application, hot runner mold in the proportion of plastic mold will gradually increase. The use of hot runner mould technology can improve the productivity and quality parts, and can save substantial parts of the raw materials, the technology used in foreign countries has developed rapidly, has been very common. Domestic production has been hot runner mold, some enterprises has reached about 30 percent, but in general, the ratio is too low, to be development. With the plastic molding process of continuous improvement and development of gas-assisted mold and adapt to high-pressure injection molding process of development will subsequently die.

Relevant experts believe that the standard mold of the increasingly extensive application will be, mold and die standardized application of standard parts can greatly affect mold manufacturing cycle. Die use standard parts can not only reduce mold manufacturing cycle, but also improve the quality of mold and die manufacturing costs lower. At the same time, rapid economic and very broad prospects for mold. People die because of the requirements of the production cycle, the shorter the better, rapid economic development caused people to die more and more attention. Development of various materials such as superplasticity to create die; using epoxy, polyester or in which filled metal, glass, and so enhance the production of simple mold. Such mold manufacturing process simple, easy precision control, shrinkage of smaller, cheaper, higher life expectancy. Can also be used plastic cement production auto cover mold. , The low melting point alloys die, spraying mold, electricity Molds, precision moulds, stacked die, ceramic and plastic-molding and the use of heat-hardened rubber molds, and other low-cost rapid manufacturing molds will be further rapid economic development. Fast-die-and-fast-for-first class will also be growing. Another use of computer-controlled machinery and hand-operated device for the rapid, rapid test mode device technology will be developed and improved.

Experts believe that die-casting industry in the ratio will continue to improve. With products such as motor vehicles and to develop in the direction of lightweight, die-casting mould on the number and complexity of life will put increasing demands. Along with plastic and steel, plastic and wood products and the development of parts of the precision and complexity of the continuous improvement, the proportion of Plastic Mould will continue to improve its accuracy and complexity of the will with a corresponding increase.
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