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China's plastics industry die there five main issues
(1) uneven development, the lower the general level of products. Although the products of individual enterprises have been at or near the international advanced level, but overall, the precision molds, the cavity surface roughness, the production cycle, life indicators, such as compared with foreign advanced level there are still large gaps. Including ways of production and enterprise management, the overall level of industrialized countries compared with other countries there are more than 10 years the gap.

(2) backward technology and equipment, organization and coordination is poor. Although some enterprises after recent years of technological innovation, technology and equipment level has been more advanced, some foreign funded enterprises and equipment level is not lagging behind foreign countries, but most companies are still relatively backward technology and equipment. More importantly, business organization and coordination is poor, difficult to integrate or to mobilize social resources for my use, so it will be difficult to undertake more projects.

(3) the majority of weak companies to develop capacity, ability to innovate is obviously insufficient. On the one hand, is the low proportion of technical personnel, the level is not high enough, the other is a smaller scientific research and development; more important is the concept behind the development of innovation and not enough attention. Die Die enterprises should not only attach importance to the development, but also to product innovation.

(4) short-term to ease the contradiction between supply and demand. In recent years, China-made plastic molds to meet the domestic market rate has been less than 74 percent, of which large, sophisticated, long-life die to meet a lower rate, underestimated 60%. At the same time, industrialized countries are speeding up the mold transfer to China, more and more international procurement, international market a good prospect. Market demand, production also difficult to keep up with a development, the supply situation will continue for some time.

(5) institutional and human resources needed to solve the problem of time. In the socialist market economy, competitive industries, in particular, such as mold dependent on special user, a single production sector, state-owned and collectively owned the original system and operating mechanism has become more and are not suited. The quantity and quality of personnel also failed to keep pace with the rapid development of industry.
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