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China's mold industry will face the risk analysis
"11th Five-Year Plan" period, China's mould industry market share will be 120 billion yuan. Although the mold industry with a broad market space, but the monopoly of foreign capital squeeze profit margins and industry-funded enterprises within their own problems of the troubled industrial investment risk suddenly increased.

Mold making is the foundation of the manufacturing sector, electronics, automotive, electrical, electronics, instruments, meters, home appliances, asset-species, six to 80 per cent of the parts must rely on forming mold. 2005 Die in China reached 80 billion yuan market capacity around. "11th Five-Year Plan" period, China's mould industry market share will be 120 billion yuan. Although the mold industry has broad market space, but the monopoly of foreign capital squeeze profit margins and industry-funded enterprises within their own problems of the troubled industrial investment risk suddenly increased.

First, foreign-funded enterprises are stepping up eating into the market die

"10th Five-Year Plan" period, China's rapid growth Die enterprises, with an average annual growth rate of 20 percent. 2005 China Die and Mould Industry sales of 61 billion yuan die, an increase of 25 percent, with more than 20 billion U.S. dollars in import share of China's market capacity has reached die around 80 billion yuan. Experts predict that the "11th Five-Year Plan" period, China's market share will die 120 billion yuan.

In recent years, international mold manufacturing giant to invest in China to set up factories in the new round of expansion is in full swing. Hella Jilin settled down in Germany; Toyota set up factories in Tianjin die; Fenlan Bei Er Luosi companies to invest in the construction of the factory in Shenzhen die recently come into production, specifically for the telecommunications, health care, electronics, automobiles and other industries to provide high-end products die.

A lot of foreign capital to enter alone, to improve our own without any help mold levels. Foreign-funded enterprises have advanced technology and financial strength, and then take advantage of cheaper labor and raw materials, competitive advantage and not words that have been occupied by its high-end market Die more Chinese enterprises can not enter, which means no chance for Chinese enterprises upgrade Grade. Chinese-funded enterprises are most afraid of is its own power has not been strengthened, foreign-funded enterprises has been completed on China's market monopoly die.

At present, China's enterprise-scale die after Japan and the United States, but are mostly concentrated in the areas of Zhongdi Dang, technological level and low added value. According to Die Industry Association to provide the data, China's manufacturing industry in urgent need of sophisticated, complex stamping die and plastic mold, cover Die cars, electronic connectors and other electronic products, such as mold, still heavily dependent on imports, mold deficit over the import and export products More than 10 billion dollars.

Second, domestic enterprises exist many problems to be resolved Cheng
According to incomplete statistics, the total production of the plant dies at about 20,000, of which more than half of production for their own use. At the same time, the vast majority are small businesses, in recent years, mold the industry structure adjustment and structural reform to speed up the pace, but the level of design and manufacturing industries in general, than behind many developed countries. The main problems:

1. Weak industry innovation capability

Die industry is technology-intensive, capital-intensive industries, as the era of progress and technological development, to acquire and apply new technologies unusual talent shortage. Die fitter and corporate senior management personnel is also linked to shortages. Die-effective because of poor corporate research and development of key technologies and not enough attention, thus overall die industry in the research and development and technology research to invest too little. Private enterprise loans difficulties have also affected many of the technological transformation of enterprises, which not the pace of scientific and technological progress, and progress slow.

2. Inefficient industry as a whole

Although many domestic enterprises to adopt advanced processing equipment, but the whole equipment is still backward than many foreign enterprises, in particular, equipment and the rate of NC CAD / CAM application coverage is much lower than foreign enterprises. As institutional and financial aspects of reasons, not supporting the introduction of equipment, facilities and distribution annex is supporting the phenomenon is widespread, the problem of low capacity utilization are not good long-term solution. The low level of equipment, bringing our high proportion die fitter enterprises, and other issues.

3. Specialization, standardization and commercialization of low level, poor coordination

Die low level of standardization, the use of standard parts of the mold coverage is also low quality, cost a greater impact. Especially the die has great influence on the manufacturing cycle.

4. Mould and die materials related technology behind

Die material performance, quality and variety often will affect the quality die, life expectancy and cost, domestic and foreign steel mold steel imports compared to a larger gap. Plastic, sheet metal, equipment and other poor performance, but also directly affect the level of mold.

Third, the external environment analysis

Foreign-funded enterprises as the core technology to outflows, generally do not choose a joint venture. There are two foreign-funded enterprises into the general pattern: First, instead of supporting enterprises (customers) to enter, characterized by a single professional customer service, the same mould a single species and the other is their access to China. Die foreign companies to invest in China, which aims to take advantage of cheap labour and cheap steel, make more profits.

The industry, in the foreign enterprises in the mould workshop is "secret workshop", outsiders can not be casually around the. To set up factories in China, both foreign investment funds, have independent technology, and Chinese enterprises do not need a joint venture. They are merely in order to reduce labor costs. Moreover, they are still on the design abroad, through the network spread to other enterprises in China

4, the internal environment analysis

1. Since the domestic distribution rate of less than 80 percent. Zhong Didang an oversupply of them die, die since the allocations of high-end rate of less than 60 percent.

2. Enterprise organizational structure, product mix, technological structure and import and export structure are not reasonable. China's mold production plant is the most points in the allocations of production for the die shop (branch), Professional Tool Factory is also the majority of "Da Erquan" and "small but complete" form of organization. Die foreign enterprises are mostly "small and E," "small but excellent" since China's mold production for distribution to the high proportion of more than 50 percent, while foreign goods is more than 70 percent die. Die domestic total is large, sophisticated, complex, long-life die proportion of only 30 percent of the foreign in more than 50 percent. China's imports in 2006 amounted to die 2.047 billion U.S. dollars, exports amounted to 1.041 billion U.S. dollars, and import and export after offsetting net imports of 1.006 billion U.S. dollars, the largest amount of net imports to the country.

3. Mould products level and the overall level of production technology than the advanced international level is much lower, and mold production cycle is longer than many of the advanced international level. Production mainly reflected in low levels of accuracy, cavity surface roughness, life expectancy and die of the complexity of the low level of performance of the main design, processing, technology and equipment, and so on.

4. Weak development capacity, poor economic returns. China's mold enterprises lower proportion of technical personnel, lower level. Do not attach importance to product development, the market often in a passive position. Each of China's trade unions to create an average annual output value of about mold around 20,000 U.S. dollars, while industrialized countries are mostly die 200,000 U.S. dollars. From this comes the mold of China's poor economic efficiency of enterprises, most of meager profit. Lack of stamina.

5. Mould and Die standard level of standardization of the use of low coverage. Die foreign advanced standards of the use of national coverage of 70 percent or more, the domestic use of standard parts mold coverage only about 45 percent.

6. Than with the international advanced level, with the management of mold behind even more backward technology. Backward technology easily found, easily overlooked backward management. Most die of domestic enterprises have also used the last workshop-style management model. Truly modern enterprise management not more.
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